About Us

Kalindi Group is one of the leading Real-estate developer of Indore city, specialized in delivering high quality residential projects. Kalindi builders and developers, have trailed a path unbeaten for long. It aspires to give a ‘home’ to people looking for ‘houses’.


We bulid homes which are modern and beautiful

Prime Location

All our projects are in prime location

Quality Construction

We use the best material for construction

Our Team

Kalindi builder and developers, is ably lead by “4 Pillars” of the organization.

Mr. Vijay Gandhi

Managing Director (VG Group) & CMD (McCoy & Pal's Infrastructure Limited)

An astute businessman and a man with vision, Mr. Vijay Gandhi is one of the very “Popular” and “Respected” name in the business circles of Indore. “Vijaybhai” as he is lovingly referred to has been on various boards of business and social organisations.

Mr. Pradeep Nayak

A man with years of experience in managing business and finance, Mr. Nayak lends his expertise in managing finance to fulfill promises that Kalindi group delivers, year on year

Mr. B.D. Chandani

Mr. Chandani, a man with deep insights in managing projects and tracking its progress for timely completion and quality control, has been instrumental in building the brand “Kalindi”

Mr. Pramod Jain

A man with corporate background and someone who manages the day-to-day operations in such a fashion that progress in projects becomes effortless.